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Daily Recaps

Here are the recaps for this week, small recaps will be posted each day, but the big recaps will be posted Friday, with all this weeks recaps...

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Quote of the day:

Livvie: You know what Rafe, Go on, Say it, Go on!
Rafe: You know I don't love you!

Friday, July 19, 2002

Ian gulps expensive whiskey at a New York bar and contemplates his encounter with the shadow man who told Ian all he wanted was justice and advised him not to interfere. He meets up with an old friend from Ireland named Tim, an anthropologist who Ian thinks may be able to help him identify the shadow man. They toast to Eve's memory. Ian shows Tim the sketch Kate drew of the enigma and relates what it said to him. Tim reveals that the image reminds him of the legendary star of a tale called The Avatar. He explains that the entity starts out as a blessing and then the people become dependent upon it to get rid of evil but it soon turns baneful and destructive itself. Once Ian is totally engrossed by the story, Tim tells him that he just concocted the whole yarn, that not a word of it is true. (Note: Avatar is defined as the incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form; an embodiment, as of a quality or concept; an archetype; a temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity.)

Ali reveals to Jack that the doctor confirmed that Livvie is really pregnant. Jack can't believe that Livvie actually pulled off such a stunt. Ali scolds Jack for building up her hopes only to have them dashed. Ali cries out of frustration and hurt and runs out of the bar. Jack goes after her but Ali is sick of living with constant disappointment.

Rafe is astounded that Livvie is really pregnant. Livvie senses that his silence is more than normal pregnancy anxiety and asks him to confirm that he doesn't really want the baby or her in his life. Rafe tries to deny his feelings but Livvie's tears flow as she tells him that she can see the apprehension in his face. She confesses that right before she fell all she could think is that if she lost the baby, she would lose Rafe. Rafe considers his options carefully while Livvie rambles on about how she can raise their child alone just fine. He reminds Livvie of how much he's always wanted a family. Livvie wants him to make a decision, once and for all. She adds that when Rafe was lost, she was the only one who was searching for him. Livvie is certain that there is a reason that she and Rafe were able to make a child together and begs Rafe to try and make their relationship work. Rafe insists that he needs to search inside his soul first. He runs out of the hospital in search of Ali. When he finally catches up with her, Rafe is sad to find Ali being embraced and comforted by Jack. Jack tries to shoo him away but Ali resists. Jack leaves them alone. Rafe confesses that for weeks Ali's face has been calling out to him and eventually led him to kiss her when he found her in a coma. Ali replies that he can say all the things she wants to hear but that the fact remains that Livvie is having his child and that Livvie will never let Rafe go because they made important vows to each other. All Rafe can do is say over and over again that he's sorry.

In a flashback, Livvie is shown undressing and giving herself to a murky unseen figure, telling it that it came along just in time to help her become pregnant. She stresses that they must never reveal that she agreed to have the mystery man/thing father her child.