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July, 23 ~ Livvie to Rafe: "I'm Pregnant!"
Having told her new husband that they're expecting a baby, Livvie scrambles this week to make her lie true.  But can she do so before Alison reclaims her position at the top of his love chart?

In light of her recent lies, it's not surprising that a stunned Rafe asks his wife to prove that she is really carrying his child.  Being the resourceful gal that she is, Livvie finds a way to pass a home pregnancy test.

Meanwhile, having at last tracked the newlyweds down at the motel, Alison arrives just in time to hear Livvie deliver the positive news, and Rafe admit that he wants the baby. "This is someone who grew up without a father and who doesn't remember that he has a father [Ed] up in heaven," explains Rafe's portrayer, Brian Gaskill. "So the idea of a child growing up without a father is very personal to him."

Shifting into high gear, Livvie races to solidify her place in Rafe's life by trying to get pregnant as hastily as possible while insisting that her husband put the breaks on any and all contact with Alison.  But Livvie's plan to seduce Rafe is thrown off track when an urgent phone call sends her husband running to the aid of his ex, only to find himself sharing her fate.

In search of her MIA husband, Livvie heads into the woods.  But what she finds is danger after coming face-to-face with the shrouded figure who's been lurking about town.  Learning that his ex-lover is missing, Jack heads off for a nasty confrontation with the man he blames for everything: Rafe! And although Alison eventually discovers her rival's fate, only Livvie knows the shocking truth about what happened in the woods... and how it changed her forever!




---Rafe is conflicted by his feelings for Alison.
---Livvie announces her pregnancy.
---Lucy decides to help Alison.
---The Avatar feeds off the town's praises.
---Livvie fears the identity of her unborn child.
---Jack plans a special birthday surprise for Alison.
---In the name of justice, The Avatar becomes more violent.
---Jamal clarifies his feelings for Alison to Marissa.
---Livvie and the Avatar come face-to-face.
---Alison returns to the hospital.
---Livvie rushes to the emergency room.
---Alison and Kate move in together.
---Wed. - Romance blossoms between Jack and Alison.
---Fri. - Livvie comes face to face with the Avatar.
---Rafe felt conflicted between his feelings for Alison and his obligations to Livvie.
---Livvie told Kevin and Lucy that she was pregnant.
---Livvie fainted out of fear for her unborn child after hearing Rafe discuss the Avatar's qualities.
---Alison and Jack grew closer.
---Livvies announcement angers Lucy.
---Alison gathers another ally in her quest to regain Rafes heart.
---Jack helps Alison celebrate.
(July 29 - Aug. 2)
---Livvies baby is in danger.
---Jack courts Alison.
---Rafe faces the Avatar.